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Scalloped Floral Trinket Dish

Scalloped Floral Trinket Dish

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Imagine you're just getting home after a late night out. You're so tired and just want to get in bed as fast as possible. Instead of just chucking your jewelry on top of the dresser, you place them into the trinket dish on your nightstand. Loose jewelry will be safely stored in the tray until tomorrow morning, when you can properly put them away.

Not only functional, our trinket trays act as floral, decorative pieces for any room! With their vibrantly colored flowers and captivating metallic flakes, these trays serve as  stunning statement pieces to add alongside your home decor. Get yours now and elevate your storage game today!

These jewelry dishes are all handmade with resin and come with a variety of flower color options and metallic foil flake options. Each have the option of gold, rose gold, and silver foil flakes. You can choose your favorite floral colors and match your new dish perfectly with your other decor pieces. We use only real dried pressed flowers in our trinket dishes. Since they are handmade, each dish will be truly unique to you! No two trinket trays will be exactly the same. 


  • approximately 5in around
  • approximately 2.5cm tall
  • Material - Resin
  • Made with real pressed flowers!
  • Don't leave in direct sunlight

These decorative trays are the perfect way to store loose jewelry, trinkets, accessories, coins, crystals, keys, etc. They really mix functionality with cute, floral home decor! They can add some color to your living room or provide much needed storage for your vanity or in your bathroom. If you need to wash your hands, leave a trinket dish by the sink so your rings or bracelets don't get wet! If you're just getting home, leave a dish by the front door to hold your keys! The possibilities are endless.

Looking for the perfect gift? Our resin trinket dishes are a thoughtful choice for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, bridesmaid proposals, or housewarming parties. With custom color and foil options, you can make it a personalized gift that will be cherished forever. Don't delay, and get yours today!


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